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Murrimatters Consulting

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Murrimatters delivers programs for organisations facing complex challenges


Our clients include schools, community organisations, NGOs and government


Specialists in facilitating change in organisational culture


Providers of cultural awareness training




Professional development: teachers and classroom practices. The role of school leadership in forming robust organisational culture. Specialising in Indigenous Education and focussing on strength-based processes utilising the Engoori approach.

Developing robust organisational culture

Formulating robust organisational culture is fundamental to address complex challenges. Murrimatters Consulting uses a strength-based approach (Engoori) to identify and harness the existing capacity in a group to formulate local and sustainable solutions.


Clients include: The Stronger Smarter Institute; Red Cross Queensland; Department of Aging, Disability and Home Care, NSW; Cunnamulla Health; Queensland Council of State Schools; WA Education Department; The Mercy Centre, Thailand; and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

Murrimatters Pty Ltd


Telephone : ​+61 (0) 427 022 139

Email : murrimatters@hotmail.com


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