Engoori is a three-phase strength-based approach which acknowledges that when dealing with complex challenges, having conversations with structure, purpose and process, is often the most powerful action one can take. The Engoori story belongs to ‘Tjimpa' of the Mithaka people of South West Queensland and historically was used as a method of diplomacy between conflicting ideologies and groups. Traditionally, Engoori was used as a set of diplomatic protocols to create and maintain robust challenging cultures that embrace diversity to enable forward movement with the big issues.



With influence from work in complexity approaches (Ralph Stacey)organisational leadership and culture (Edgar Schein), and the philosophy of Eckhart Tolle, Engoori can be used in any approach to complex challenges. Engoori focusses on the culture of an organisation (how its people relate to one another), as the foundation from which to develop successful approaches to complex issues. If the culture of an organisation is  strong and healthy, its ability to address complexity is greatly improved.