Engoori for Organisations to increase your productivity


When dealing with complex challenges, culture beats strategy. The success of an organisation can be measured by the health and robustness of its employee culture. Engoori offers organisations the opportunity to create and/or understand the internal cultural practices that enable or disable their strategic plans and therefore to increase their readiness to deal with complex issues.


Using experiential activities that challenge assumptions, behaviours and practices, Engoori enables your organisation to create an effective group dynamic to increase productivity. Engoori is a living process that will adapt to your organisations growth and direction.


Purposes for Engoori for organisations include: creating new organisational culture and challenging old ones; conflict resolution; management of anxiety before, during and after change; team building; leadership development and strategic planning. It can be delivered as a stand alone 2-3 day program or as a longitudinal process offering on and off-site mentoring and support.