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Traditionally Engoori was used by the Mithaka people Far Western Queensland, as a set of diplomatic protocols to create and maintain robust challenging cultures that embrace diversity to enable forward movement with the big issues. Drawing upon new approaches to organisational change, strength-based pedagogy, complexity, and conflict resolution processes , in 2006 Scott Gorringe and David Spillman renewed Engoori, as a strength-based approach to complex intercultural challenges. Engoori is central to all the processes we deliver.

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Strength-based Approach

A common focus on 'problem thinking' and 'can't do'  restricts organisational development and constrains effective implementation. We believe that the source of solutions lies in the existing knowledge and capability of your organisation's greatest asset - its people. Engoori harnesses client strengths to enable you to formulate local and sustainable strategies to achieve your objectives.

Countering Deficit Discourse

Engoori provides an effective strength-based process to counter the dominant discourse of deficit that pervades thinking about Aboriginality and Aboriginal issues. Deficit discourse adds another layer of complexity to challenges in the inter-cultural space. 


Complex challenges and robust organisational culture 

Engoori assist clients to build the robust organisational culture required to tackle complex challenges. Complexity requires a different approach than that used to address simple problems. Complex challenges are multifacetted, have many 'moving parts', are unpredictable and dynamic. They usually involve multiple communities and commonly change form after intervention. To be addressed they require a robust organisational culture that can respond accordingly.

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